Why Most People Love Dachshund Dogs

When it comes to having a pet, numerous individual are experiencing a very hard time in deciding whether they will be buying a cat or a dog. But despite of that difficulty, still many people chooses to have a dog. Not because several dogs are a lot way cuter than cats but simply because dogs are one of the best buddy any people can have. Furthermore, one of the most popular breeds of dog around the world is the dachshund.

Dachshund Dogs

Dachshund Dogs are simply the best dog for numerous people. With its small and cute size, its owner will surely be able to maintain its good condition in terms of its health and appearance without too much problem. Aside from that, the good thing about dachshund is that it is very friendly, has a companionable personality and is very charming which is why many people prefer having it rather than buying other breed of dog. Although dachshunds are naughty at times, its behavior can easily be changed by its owner to stop it from doing unwanted things.

Moreover, the following below are some of the dachshund dog facts for you to read to help you have wider knowledge and understanding about the dog. Aside from that, the things below are also some of the reasons why people love dachshunds.

Known As Badger Dog

The name Dachshund originated from the two German words which are “Dachs” means badger and the word “hunds” which means dog. According also to AKC, Citizens of America called this kind of dog as Badger Dog during several years of postwar to disassociate the dog breed from its German origins.

Has A Small Stomach But Loves To Eat

Believe it or not, this kind of dog really loves to eat lots of foods even though they only have small stomach. In fact, if you don’t train them very well they will definitely eat almost any possible edible food that they will see aside from the dachshund dog food that you have given to them. Because also of their attitude, most of them experience obesity which is a really big problem when it comes to their physical appearance and health condition. Once they are already obese, there is a bigger chance for them to experience joint and back Pain and worse, their lives will possibly end sooner.

Smallest Hunting Dogs

Despite of the fact that dachshunds are small and adorable, they are considered to be the smallest hunting breed of dogs. They were bred bot only to be one of the best buddy anyone can have but to also be a hunter. In fact, dachshund dogs doesn’t only hunt their prey but they also kill it.

Best Watch Dog

Because of the fact that dachshunds were bred to hunt and to kill despite of their size and cuteness, letting them watch your possession or house would definitely be a big help for you. Once they see or feel something malicious, your pet will definitely go after it to make sure that you and your house are safe from any possible strangers and unexpected events.


This term, tweenies, is normally used for dachshund dogs that are between the standard and mini size, which are roughly 12 to 18 pounds. Because of it also, dachshunds are normally referred to the name “rabbit dachshund” because of its size that are perfect to hunt hares and rabbits.

Has 3 Types of Coat

One of the best things about this kind of dog is that it has fabulous coat or fur that will surely make you satisfied once you touch it. Furthermore, this kind of dog has 3 types of coats, the wirehaired dachshunds, longhaired dachshunds and the smooth dachshunds. The dachshunds with a wirehaired coat are said to be the most mischievous, obstinate and energetic. So if you are a kind of pet owner that seems to do fun and energetic activities, wirehaired dachshunds would be the best for you. However, if you want a dog that is naturally sweet and quiet, then a long hair dachshund dog is perfect for you. But when it comes to smooth dachshunds, they are normally the dogs that are so attached to their owner/s and is very aloof to any possible strangers around them.

Dachshund Dog Rescue

Despite also of the fact that dachshunds are adorable, one of the best companion and loyal dogs, there are still few people who doesn’t really take good care of them. In fact, some of the owners just even let their dogs to be in the middle of the street without any shelter of foods. Because of it, there numbers of teams who are rescuing dogs, dachshunds or not are getting higher. They are teams which helps dogs by providing them the right and enough shelter and food.

Dachshund dogs are definitely the best dog people can have. So if you are planning to buy a pet, make sure to consider dachshunds.